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Series 53 of the radio show was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in October/November 2017.


The panels for this series of the radio show were:


Henry Normal – Vanessa Feltz – NR – Michele Hanson – Simon Brett

Julian Mitchell – Joanna Scanlan – NR – Olly Mann – Kate Fox

 Frog Stone – NR – Kate Williams – Matthew Parris – Sally Phillips




Complete listings for all past editions of Quote … Unquote can now be found at:








If you have ever asked, ‘What is the QUOTE ... UNQUOTE signature tune?’ and wondered if you could get hold of a copy, there is after all these years, both good and bad news. 

Entitled DUDDLY DELL, written and performed by Dudley Moore, it was the B-side of his single STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDS (Parlophone 45R 4772) in 1961.

For years, when people asked me what it was, I had to tell them the record was no longer available.  Now it is quite widely available, for example on the CD entitled FROM BEYOND THE FRINGE.

If you are still very keen, I might even be able to let you see the sheet music.

For the full story, see http://www.quote-unquote.org.uk/p0000029.htm


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